About Lollipops


Lollipops is based in Hereford at the top of Edgar Street on Newtown Road, quietly and safely situated down a slip road, just past the Heart of Oak public house. The nursery is set in a large building providing clean,  light and spacious nursery accommodation. We are set over two floors and our space is split into 5 main classrooms, varying in age and ability based equipment and activities.

Robin Room:

Caring for babies from 3 months up to 1 year, our Robin Room provides a warm, safe, welcoming environment where young babies can experience quality care, sensory play and developmental support. Babies in the Robin Room all have their individual routines adhered to, to provide that home from home feeling and helping to ease their initial transition into nursery. Babies form close relationships with key practitioners who instil high self esteem from the outset and provide lots of support to parents/carers.


Penguin Room:

The Penguin Room provides a secure base from which 1 year olds can explore. The room is large with lots of space for babies to develop their mobility and explore the environment around them, knowing their key person is never too far away. Babies access lots of different foods during messy play, using their whole bodies to explore, taste and touch what is available to them using a variety of tools. Babies have the opportunity to rest and sleep throughout the day and daily activities are tailored to support babies three Prime areas of development.


Butterfly Room:

An open plan welcoming environment for children aged two and over, providing large climbing equipment and lots of creative play. The room boasts its own separate changing and toilet area ,in preparation for those toddlers showing an interest in potty/ toilet training. Staff provide lots of small world play, physical activities and an introduction into numbers and colours. The children enjoy exploring the outside area and visiting the nearby park. The butterfly uses circle time to engage children in the use of speech and language encouraging them to play with words and sounds during songs and stories.

Parrot Room:

The parrot room is for 3 year olds and provides a little more structured circle and group time with emphasis on sharing and turn taking. The children enjoy music sessions with Pedro and Gemma from "little Notes" and enjoy planting fruit and vegetables in the garden. Staff provide number activities with various themes to ensure children stay engaged. Dressing up and Role play is available each day and children enjoy exploring the world around them by visiting the common and Forest School etc. Shape recognition  activities and discussions about the weather  inspire children to observe patterns and changes in the world around them.


Preschool Room:

Providing stimulating activities and some challenges with elements of risky play, our Pre School Room helps prepare the children for School and beyond! The children engage in small group turn taking activities with their key person, learning new vocabulary, listening skills and looking at phonics and numbers. There is a small soft play area available to the children at all times to support their confidence and physical development. The children have access to computers and mini IPads each day to enhance their ICT skills as well as  having regular access to our interactive whiteboard, which also serves as a self registration board. The focus in the Pre School Room is the imminent transition to school and the practitioners take on this role with lots of enthusiasm. Staff visit the schools and take photographs of where each child will be going, we get sample uniforms for children to explore during role play, and invite teachers in to visit individual children in a familiar setting.


During your child’s day at nursery we supply snacks at morning break, this includes fruit, squash and milk. At lunchtime, we ask you to provide a packed lunch or meal to be reheated and snacks for the rest of the day.