Partnerships with parents


We genuinely view ourselves as working in true partnership with parents. We encourage parents to play an active role in their children’s time at Nursery and really value our interaction with parents. Regular contact with parents, carers and families allows us to gain a holistic view of your child as an individual.

As well as daily contact, daily diaries and the opportunity to arrange to speak with a member of staff at any time, we also hold a termly parents evening.


Parents Evening

This is an opportunity for you as parents / carers to book in with your child's current key person for an informal discussion about your child's learning, development and all round well being.

there will be time for you to discuss any concerns and ask any questions you may have but above all it will be an opportunity to celebrate your child's achievements each term.

At the end of term a progress report is put together by your child's key person ,to illustrate that there have been ample learning opportunities tailored to your child's individual needs and interests. By observing your child  and providing relevant next steps we aim to ensure learning and development progression. We really value your feedback throughout the year on how you feel your child is doing.